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Integrity – it’s about doing what you say you will do


What we have and our circumstances are a direct result of the actions we have taken (or not as the case may be).


Project Manage

The actions we take are based on the agreed path and plans. Our experienced team project manages your rebuild project by coordinating all the aspects and disciplines that go into producing your building. Things don’t always go according to plan and so our role is also to anticipate what may happen given the actions of others and troubleshoot issues as (or preferably before) they arise. If we say we will deliver you a building to an agreed specification then that’s what you can expect.


Complete on Time

One of the results of our actions is that we will complete your building project within the agreed timeframe. Naturally, some things from time to time are beyond our control. We will manage expectations by keeping you fully informed and advised where we are unable to do what we have said ... and we will agree on a revised timeframe.


On Budget

Unless you change your requirements (or they are changed by some external authority) the budget you agree with us is all that we will charge. If we happen to go over that budget then that is our issue!



Quality is conformance to customer’s requirements. By taking the time at the front end of the project to define and clarify expectations, we can meet those expectations as a matter of course. And if we don’t ... then we will be working very hard to ensure that we do!


Territorial Authorities are also customers in terms of statutory and regulatory requirements. When we hand a building over, you can rest assured that it is compliant.















No surprises