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Everything starts with a thought!


Consider – every built environment started as a thought or idea in someone’s mind.


The key is to get clear on what you want. Sometimes, clients have a vague idea of what they want but it is only when they start to talk through their ideas that they get clarity. At other times, they feed off our ideas and together we create something that wasn’t there before ... something that is better than before.



Being able to see what a client wants, sometime even before they do, is an essential part of what we do. By listening for and drawing out those thoughts, clarifying meaning and then re-presenting in a way that a client understands and identifies with, we build a shared vision of what is possible.



Conception is also the phase where we identify opportunities and relationships that will benefit by and from those opportunities. We like to cluster like minded and complimentary business together because a building can be more than just the physical walls, floor and roof. In many cases a new building and/or a new neighbour is the catalyst for reviewing the business model, and in some cases, a new business model more than justifies the expenditure on a new building!



If we follow the above, we believe we will engage with our clients. After initial meeting(s) and a broad acceptance that working together will benefit all parties, we do ask that we formalise our relationship with an engagement agreement. It is at this point that we really get into design – particularly from an architectural perspective.



Good design is everything, and it need not be expensive. Not only do we refer to architectural design but from recent events, we are all aware of the importance of engineering design as well. We use a range of architects and engineers however we are happy to work in with a client’s professionals if required. The key for us is communication – both ways. Design however goes beyond these areas. Usability of space is very important and so understanding a client’s process flow is critical in achieving good design.



At the end of the concept phase we will be in a position to put forward a proposal that addresses your property needs, be it a design/build or refurbishment. You will have clarity around the design, timing, business case and next steps for your new property.













What are your thoughts?