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Have you been forced
to rethink your property needs?


The Canterbury earthquakes have forced many businesses to rethink their strategies and business model. Some of you have had your premises rendered unserviceable, and been forced into temporary accommodation. Others have found that, while still serviceable, current premises are inappropriate for the new state of business.


What options; how do I go about it?

Many will have ideas on what’s needed/wanted but may be unsure on just how to go about it. Some will require help to work out just what options they have to meet their property needs.


Do I have clarity?

Christchurch Property Projects is an experienced property developer and project manager. Working with us will give you clarity around what has to be done to meet your property needs.


A total solution perhaps?

Together we can determine who should be involved with what needs to be done and when that should happen. Some clients however, prefer us to deliver a complete turn-key solution, leaving them to concentrate on what they do best – running their business.


Our approach ...

Any property project, be it a new building or a refurbishment, starts with a thought or idea. If you can conceive it, we can help you turn that idea into reality. We’ll help you to break through the constraints.

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To ensure a successful outcome, it is critical that an idea has a plan behind it to capture every aspect. We’ll take you through it step by step.

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With an agreed plan signed off by all concerned, the onus is on us to perform, so that you get the property you want, when you want it. We go to great lengths to measure up.

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Your rebuild ... sorted